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Why Real?

  • Because no one is perfect.
  • Because life is messy and hard.
  • Because each life transition whether it be happy, sad, or the ones in between, can be paralyzing.
  • Because we all deserve the physical, mental, and emotional space to live the life we deserve.

Who We Are:

  • A team that brings varying gifts, skills, and expertise to assist clients in removing chaos and clutter from their home and/or business.
  • A team that is steering through the detours and obstacles of life (marriages, children, divorce, moves, college, grandchildren, the passing of loved ones, and caring for aging parents).
  • A team that has over 30 years experience of office management experience; successfully leading change in growing and changing environments.
  • A team that is innovative, creative, and passionate about providing REAL organizing solutions to restore order by not furthering chaos.
  • A team that listens, supports, offers hope and encouragement, passes no judgment, and helps navigate change while clients reach their goals.